An unexpected visit

I take a deep breath and watch as the glass moves slowly across the board towards the word yes. A creepy feelings settles in the dark room and the silence is deafening. I don’t remember who’s bright idea it was to bring a ouija board, but as soon as we got settled and ready for a cozy night in the cabin someone took it out and suggested we try. So here we sit and watch in petrified amazement as the glass spells out a name we don’t know.

We have covered every mirror and glass with a sheet like it said online. Apparently ghost can appear in a reflective surface. I personally think the idea is absurd, but someone didn’t want to take the chance. That I wholeheartedly agree on. Why risk it? So we covered everything reflective, turned all the lights off and lit a few candles. Then we placed our fingers on the bottom of a milk glass and chanted for a ghost to talk to us.

“Maybe we should stop now” Mary whispers a little timidly when the glass starts moving again. “I don’t think this is a good idea. We’re messing with something we know nothing about”

“I know what you feel, Mary” I agree, looking towards the rest of the group.

I don’t believe in ghost, but I believe that there is more to this world that we know. There is more than meets the eye between heaven and earth, I just don’t know what. For all I know ghosts really do exist, or maybe demons or unicorns or leprechauns. I don’t really care either. As long as they leave me alone, I’m leaving them alone.

“Oh, come on! We’ve barely started. What’s the harm? It’s not like they’re going to break a window or possess one of us. It’s just harmless fun” Lydia argues back with a smile before casting a look at each and every one of us, waiting expectantly for one of us to call it quits.

I guess the thought of figuring out more about the unknown is a little exciting because none of us open out mouths to protest or quit. Even I keep my mouth shut even though I know I shouldn’t. Instead I turn my attention back to the board and wait for Lydia to ask another question.

“Dear spirit, will you please show us a sign that you’re really here?” She asks.

As soon as the words leave her mouth the noise of a door slamming vibrates through the entire cabin. We look at each other in union, all of our eyes bulging out and our mouths hanging open in shock. Then, after a beat there is a flurry of movement and a lot of high pitched screaming.  Lydia, Kate, and Maria leaps over the table and into the couch and huddles close to Mary and me.

The room falls completely silent again as we sit there. I don’t know how long we sit there, but when the lights comes on we scream in fear again.

“Why the hell are you screaming?” My big brother calls loudly.

It takes a while to register that it’s him, but when it does I run and trip over the table in my haste to throw myself into his arms. There is a moment of awkwardness where he doesn’t know what to do, probably a little confused, but then he hugs me back.

“You’re not supposed to be here, but god am I happy to see you” I breath against his chest.


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