Love conquers all

I’ve never thought much about it before. I’ve heard it like everybody else, of course, but I’ve never truly felt it. The notion that something as simple and as complicated as love has the power to conquer absolutely everything seemed unbelievable.

The love I share with my husband has been through so many stages I can hardly believe it. The first one was distance. We went to different schools that were far apart. Sometimes we’d go weeks without seeing or talking to one another, but then when we finally found the time, we’d talk like no time had passed at all. We were best friends before we became a couple, and I’ve often wondered if that had something to do with it.

After college, we moved in together, which is a very trying time. It’s then that you notice those little annoying habits that your partner has. Like throwing dirty clothes on the floor instead of in the laundry hamper, or placing a dirty dish in the sink instead of straight in the dishwasher. We fought constantly and endlessly over small annoying habits for months before we finally sat down to have a talk. We talked all night, about how we wanted things to be in our home and that we needed to find a solution or go our separate ways. Then we compromised and made rules that would fit both of us.

After a few years we became pregnant with out first child, but in the second trimester we lost it. We grieved separately and very differently. He would work constantly, and when he finally came home and thought I was asleep he’d cry until his body shut down and went to sleep. I never said or did anything. I was too gone up in my own grief to try and comfort his. We continued like that for a year. No talking or mention of the loss of our baby, just silence. For a year I walked around with the thought that we’d go our separate ways. Then, one night when he came home late and started crying – I couldn’t take it anymore. I wrapped my arms tightly around him and held on for dear life. From then on we grieved together.

A while after that we got married and traveled the world together, just us. Then, when we got home from our last trip, we found out we were pregnant again. After talking through the fear and pain we experienced last time, we decided to keep it. Nine months later our beautiful and healthy son came to the world with a loud wail. Little did we know that his cries and need for attention would be our next trial. We became robots working on separate shifts twenty-four hours a day. We were tired, sleep deprived and frustrated beyond belief. The fighting started again. We both slammed doors and threatened to leave.  How we pulled through I don’t know, but after half a year the crying stopped and the apologizing began.

We’ll go through much more, but after all this I am truly and utterly convinced that our love will conquer absolutely everything live will throw at us.


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