He deserved it

Her fist connects with his jaw, and her knuckles hurts like hell, but she can’t seem to stop herself. She grabs him by his shoulders and connects her knee into his groin, making him hunch over in pain. Then, when he’s hunched over, all but crying out for her to stop, she plants her elbow between his shoulder blades. She watches him fall to the ground before he curls himself into a ball, whimpering in pain.

She knows she should stop now, but she can’t. She wants him dead. So she kicks him as hard as she can. The tip of her boot connects  with his spine, and a sickening crack penetrates the air. He’s long since stopped struggling, but she can’t make her body stop fighting him.

The next kick lands on the back of his head. She kicks and screams until two strong arms warp themselves around her from behind and drags her towards the sidewalk. She struggles against the hold, wriggling and kicking, trying to break free. But no matter how much she struggles, the hold still won’t let her go.

“I’m going to fucking kill him!” She screams on the top of her lungs, still trying to wriggle free of the strong hold around her.

“Stop, Kathrine. Just stop!”  Detective Holbrook yells, releasing his hold a little, when the woman in his hold slowly but surely stops trying to break free.

“He destroyed her” She sobs loudly, sagging in on herself when the fight leaves her body. “He deserves to die for what he’s done”

“I understand how you feel, but this isn’t the way, Kathrine. This isn’t justice” Detective Holbrook answers even though he’d like to see the bastard gone too. “Your daughter wouldn’t have wanted this”

“I don’t care anymore! She’s gone because of him, and he deserves to die!” She yells in the direction of her husband that’s being loaded onto a gurney by medical personnel.  “He killed her” She spits out with venom as they wheel her husband passed them.

They watch as he gets loaded into the waiting ambulance, then as it drives away. Kathrine sinks to heavily onto her knees, a heartbreaking sob escaping her lips in tandem with her adrenaline.

“I know it was wrong, but he had it coming!” She turns her tearful face towards the detective. “He killed my baby! What was I supposed to do? Just sit back and watch him continue living? He doesn’t deserve to live”


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