A magical moose

I lean my back against the wall and close my eyes. The door to my right is just a few inches open. Not enough for me to see into the room, but enough to listen. I do this every time it’s his turn to put her to bed. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world- to hear my husband spin a bedtime story for our daughter.

“So the princess was in a castle? What’s her name? What does she look like?” Our five year old asks, curious about everything.

“Yeah, the princess was in her castle all alone. And her name – she has the most beautiful name of all. Can you guess what it is?”

“Mary, just like mommy”

I picture her grin as she says the words, and my heart swells.

“That is a beautiful name, but thats not the princesse’s name. The princesses name is Sandra, and she looks very much like you, actually”

“She does? No way!”

Her husband chuckles a little then “Yeah way”

“But why is she alone, dad? Where is the prince?”

“He’s on his way to save her from the dragon of course. But the castle is far, far away, through a dark and dangerous forest. He meets many animals that he has to fight with to get passed. He’s -”

“Really? What kind?” Our daughter cuts him off, curious as always.

“He meets a really, really big bear. It’s at least seven feet tall!”

“No way” my daughter whispers in amazement, and I stifle a laugh threatening to escape my lips.

“It’s true. He also meets a white, beautiful unicorn with a pink horn that can talk. Oh and he meets a talking squirrel and a grumpy frog. Aaaand- oh! A moose. He meets a magical moose that can fly”

“Daaaad” Sandra chuckles. “A moose?”

I bite my tongue an push myself away from the wall, leaving my hiding spot as fast as I can so they don’t hear my laughter. Trust my daughter to be disbelieving of a moose crossing the prince’s path,  rather than the white, talking unicorn with a pink horn.

My husband must have the same line of thought, because I can hear his laughter all the way down to our bedroom.


So I have this thing where friends and family send me a sentence that I let myself be inspired by and form into a story. This one was inspired by the sentence “He was walking in the forest when a moose suddenly appeared”.

If you have a sentence, feel free to share it and I’ll write a story around it 🙂


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