Let me in

He’s tired, so incredibly tired that he swears the bones inside his body aches.Something is bothering her and they both know it. Yet, every time  he tries to get her to talk about it, every time he so much a mentions the subject she locks up and throws away the key.

“I just want to help you, Kate. Please just let me help you” He pleads, reaching across the table to place his hand on top of hers.

“Let me in”

She slides her hand from beneath his and pushes up from the chair. “There is nothing to talk about. I promise, I’m-”

“Fine. Yes, I know. You keep saying that, but we both know you’re not” He lets out a heavy sigh, rising from his own chair before rounding the table. “You cry when you think I’ve fallen asleep. I know something is wrong”

The moment his words leave his lips, he knows he just said the wrong thing. Her face gets a horrid look and she takes a step backwards, putting more distance between them. He pushes forward, ready to lunge if she tries to run again. They’ve been through this five times in the last three years now, he knows the signs.

“I can’t, David. I just can’t” She shakes her head, putting her hands up to stop his movements when he takes another step in her direction.  “Can we drop this if I promise there is nothing wrong? Because there isn’t. I’ve just got a lot on my mind, that’s all”

“No, Kate. We can’t pretend nothing is wrong when something clearly is!” He snaps, her face flinching.

He knows she hates it when he raises his voice, but he can’t help it when she wants him to act like he doesn’t care about her wellbeing. His father raised him to be a better man than that. What kind of man would he be if he just ignored his fiancĂ©es problems?

He softens his tone and tries pleading with her. “Please let me in, Kate”

She turns then, heading towards the kitchen’s exit. He knows without her having to tell him that she’s running again. He doesn’t bother trying to stop her, the last time he did that it only made her cry. He hates it when she cries.

He walks towards the front door, waiting and listening as she packs a bag and readies herself to leave again. She stops by the door, her hand resting on the doorknob. He closes his eyes and braces himself for her next words. Those she always say.

“I’m so sorry” She whispers before opening the door.

He grabs hold of her forearm, halting her leave. He tries to catch her eyes, but every time he comes close, she averts hers, looking anywhere but him.

“We can’t keep doing this, Kate” He sighs heavily.I love you so damn much it hurts, but you have to open up in order for us to move forward, sweetheart. We can’t keep going like this”

“I just need some time, okay?” Her eyes finally land on his then, blank with unshed tears. “I love you too, you know” She confesses in a whisper, placing her hand right above his heart. “But in order for us to get to the top of our love, I have to give you the bottom of my heart. I’m just not ready to do that, yet”

He cups her face in both of his hands, swiping his thumbs against her cheekbones, before leaning in to place a loving kiss against her forehead. “I know, sweetheart, I know” He whispers against her skin before leaning back to lock eyes with her again.

He forces a smile to his face, trying desperately to keep his tears at bay. “Take some time, Kate. We’ll talk when you come back. Really talk this time”

“I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you, but whatever it was – I’m grateful”

“You try. That’s why I don’t give up” He leans in to kiss the tip of her nose. “You try so hard for me, and I know it’s just a matter of time before you open up. And when you finally do – I’ll finally be the happiest man out there”

Then she leaves.


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