The day they’ve been waiting for

The tension in the room is thick enough to cut through as they wait. She casts a nervous glance over at her husband, watching for any sign that’ll tell her  what’s going on in his head right now. Hers is a big jumble of mess, making it next to impossible to actually think a straight thought.

A door cracks open and both of their heads snap towards the sound, only to look away again when a blond doctor comes in, walking straight past them as if she doesn’t notice their existence.

She tries to ignore the doctors conversation with what she assumes is another family, but she still hears the words “I’m terribly sorry -” before a heart wrenching sob fills the large waiting room, echoing off the sterile walls around them. She watches in her peripheral vision as the man wraps his strong arms around the crying woman’s form, trying desperately to keep her on her feet. He stops trying after a few seconds, falling to his knees beside the woman with a thick sob of his own.

She clutches her husband hand as hard as she can, needing something to hold onto. There is only a few kinds of news that has the ability to actually bring someone to their knees like that.  She hopes to God that she won’t be receiving the same one tonight.

The man and woman manage to rise after some time, following the blond doctor out a different door, the painful sobs of the woman slowly getting further and further away until they disappear all together and leave the room in silence.

Her husband is the one that gives their interlaced fingers a squeeze this time. She looks at him, watching his brown orbs fill with unshed tears. She wishes for something to say, but no matter how hard she tries, words of hope and faith won’t come.

Instead she brushes her thumb along the back of his hand.

The doors open again and the both rise when they see their daughters doctor heading towards them. She tries to read his face, desperate for a clue as to the news, but his face is void of emotion, showing absolutely nothing.

He carefully explains the surgery, the details before finally pausing. Her breath catches in her throat then, the entire world freezing in time. She clutches her husbands hand so hard she’s sure he’s going to have bruises tomorrow, but right now she can’t bring herself to care.

“The surgery was successful. Your daughter is now cancer free” The doctor says with a small smile.

The breath she’d been holding rushes out hard and she all but sags in relief. The strong arm of her husband curls itself around her form before he drags her roughly against his chest for a crushing hug.

It’s finally here; the day they’ve been waiting for. The day their daughter became cancer free.


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