The good things heading our way.

A womans voice crackles to life on the speakers, announcing the next stop in the same boring tone as she announced our previous one. I wonder if it’s a computer or if it’s a recording of someone who’s spent hours announcing train stops. If it’s a recording, it’s not suprising that it sounds like she hates her job. I would too if I were in her shoes.

“How long?” My husband asks, leaning his head slightly on my shoulder.

It’s the third time he asks, sounding more and more like an impatient child who believes we’ll reach our destination faster if he or she just asks ‘are we there yet’ one more time. It’s like he thinks I have the ability to get the train to move faster.

“Just two more stops”

He lets out a frustrated huff, sinking deeper into his seat, a small flicker of hope dying in his eyes. I gives his hand a comforting squeeze. He does’t hate trains, just the sitting and waitng.

“We need this”

“Yeah, but it didn’t need to be this far away” He grumbles.

“You’ll forget the irritation of sitting on a train when we get there. I promise”

The doubtfull look he gives me makes a chuckle bubble forth in my throat. One thing I’ve learned about my husband is that he’s the ‘I won’t believe it until I see it’ type of guy no matter what I say or promise.

The rest of the trip is spent in silence, if you count out the occasional grunt in displeasure that is. We gather our things and wait by the door until the train slows to a complete stop. The door opens automatically, and after five long hours our feet finally touch solid ground.

A vawe of exitement jumps to life in my belly, the butterflies I’ve experienced since we boarded the train is suddenly flapping their wings like humminbirds. I close my eyes for a second, listening intently to the sea of people around us, their voices a constant humming sound.

“Do you feel it?” I ask  over my shoulder, not wanting to tear my eyes away from everything around me.

“Feel what?”

A grin spreads on my face as he stops by my side, looking around at all the people. They’re all busy with something, in constant movement. They’re heading somewhere, their world filled with posibilities.

I want to be one of them.

“The good things heading our way”

And now I can.


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